I started off prom season at the beginning of January, and since then, I’ve received several orders for gorgeous custom prom dresses. Since the beginning of January, I’ve gotten a glimpse of my dream career: spending 10+ hours almost every day, sketching, fabric shopping, draping, sewing, hand-stitching, and delivering dresses to girls all over Omaha and even in Kansas City.

In fact, my brain is so consumed with prom dresses, that it they have taken over my sketchbook. Here’s a peek of what I’m dreaming of making for some lucky, adventurous girls that are ready to stand out from the mass–produced dresses at prom this year. I present to you, my top 15 sketches. Claim your design (which will never be recreated for ANYbody else, ever, in the entire future) by emailing me at hannahcarolinecouture@gmail.com.

1. A Lorde-inspired tuxedo-top dress that was dreamt up while I was working on a menswear-inspired look for Omaha Fashion Week. Choose your level of plunge and add a slit to the skirt, if you like.


2. Another look inspired by my Omaha Fashion Week collection. Wouldn’t you like to be in the finale dress of a runway show? A dress with this dramatic back will do the trick.


3. How about a simple, demure, sweetheart dress with a little embellishment? You could add some drama by picking a print for the fabric (part of the process is going to the fabric store and picking out all your materials with me… one of the most fun parts of the process. Besides, of course, getting your dress.).


4. I would love to hand-stitch rosettes or shapes or something intricate and beautiful all over a simple bodice. Pick this one if you love couture detailing.


5. This dress is very simple, but a sheer skirt and printed miniskirt would make this dress stand out.


6. How about a long sleeved lace number to stand out among all the strapless dresses? This dress can double as a red carpet gown, if that’s on your calendar, too.


7. This one is sure to look unique among all the others. A tea-length dress is not only classy and vintage-y, but also super practical for the dance floor- no risk of tripping or getting damaged by someone’s heels!


8. I LOVE the idea of this goddess-inspired look. We could have a lot of fun picking out a unique trim for the off-the-shoulder detail.


9. Here’s something more simple, but a little hand-embellished sparkle at the top would make this dress shine.


10. Here’s a dress where you can be as daring as you wish. The high-low could be pretty modest, or pretty mini. Your choice (as with everything else about a custom dress!).


11. Speaking of daring, how about two slits instead of one? I imagine this in a striking red, but that’s also your choice.


12. This one is for the nontraditional boho girl. If bling and satin isn’t your thing, how about a flowy lace and chiffon two-piece that’s made with comfort in mind?


13. Here’s a dress for the edgy girl. I imagine a sleek, black knit dress with cutout shoulders and waist, and maybe an open lace back?


14. Please please please someone let me do a two-piece dress for them. I think it would just be so much fun.


15. If you still want your dress to be all in one piece, how about this one with side cutouts and an open back?


If any of these speak to you, claim it! Once its yours, it will never be made for any one else ever. If you like the idea of standing out in a crowd of mass-produced satin numbers, contact me ASAP at hannahcarolinecouture@gmail.com and I’ll make your dream dress happen.

*Hannah Caroline Couture is really good at working with pretty much any budget, timeline, body shape/size, and request. Have an idea of your own? Just ask, and I’ll make it happen!

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