It’s been a while since my last post, and for good reason- I have a million things going on. I successfully finished my Indiegogo campaign to fund my trip to New York in a couple weeks, and I have been working hard to make sure all my supporters have received their thank-you notes, gift cards, tee shirts, and other perks. I really appreciate everyone’s contributions- they took a lot of financial burden away from this experience!

I leave for New York in about two weeks, and the to-do list seems keep growing. I’ve got outfits to make for the collection, clothes to make for myself (I plan to represent my brand with at least one garment everyday while I’m there) and not-so-glamorous things to get straightened out like marketing materials, itineraries, and filling my days with meaningful meetings and events. 

I’ve also been working on revamping my entire home studio to make some of these tasks a lot easier, and I finally acheived sewing room nirvana over Memorial Day weekend. Check out these pictures of my new space!


Exhibit A: An open room, a bold rug (on clearance of course), and a sleek, beautiful, functional cutting table, DIY-ed for about a quarter of the cost of the ones I found online. Shoutout to my boyfriend Paul for taking the crazy ideas in my head and bringing them to life in this awesome cutting table and storage area!

Exhibit B: lots of colorful local art from the artists I’ve been discovering through RAW:Omaha! I love filling my workspace with positive phrases and lots of bright color in an otherwise plain apartment. 


Exhibit C: Tons of floor space opened up for interacting with my three favorite dress forms. Now I can drape, pin, and cut to my heart’s content. 
Finally, I’ll give you all a sneak peek of Gilded, my latest plus-size couture collection for Full-Figured Fashion Week! I am so inspired by all these interesting fabrics and gorgeous appliqués that I picked up in Chicago. 


To get more sneak peeks and follow my trip, head to Facebook and Instagram! 


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